MacOS Spotify/Youtube Airplay

Workaround for stopping Audio Playback on MacOS 10.12.6, Firefox 59.0.2 (64-Bit) and Shairport Server on Libreelec 8.2.4 (Generic.x86_64).

keep Preference Pane/ Systemeinstellungen open

….it doesn’t matter, if u’re on audiosettings (“alt+Mute” or “alt+Vol+” or “alt+Vol-“); it looks as if keeping the Pane open forces MacOS to stay on Airplay and not to switch back to integrated speekers


New System: Asus Aspire V11 N3530

Scraped a Netbook with a broken Touchscreen, so i took of the Screen, relocated the Webcam and WLAN Antennas, plugged in HDMI, made a Libreelec USB Stick and installed LibreELEC (official): 8.2.3 (Generic.x86_64) which worked right out of the box but i had some troubles installing hyperion, precisely starting hyperion. so here’s my

set DISPLAY=0.0
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/storage/hyperion/bin
export PATH=$PATH:/storage/hyperion/bin
hyperiond /storage/.config/hyperion.config.json >/storage/logfiles/hyperion.z0mb1.log 2>&1 &
hyperiond /storage/.config/hyperion.espLight54.config.json > /storage/logfiles/hyperion.espLight54.log 2>&1 &
hyperion-x11 /storage/logfiles/hyperion-x11.log 2>&1 &

The sequence of hyperiond -> hyperion-x11 is relevant, else the x11 grabber wont connect to hyperiond via proto as in:

version : V1.03.3 (brindosch-2fbbcff/2f01dfa-1495880388
build time: Jun 3 2017 02:06:03
PROTOCONNECTION INFO: Connecting to Hyperion:
X11GRABBER INFO: Update of screen resolution: [0x0] => [1920×1200]
X11GRABBER INFO: Using XRender for grabbing
PROTOCONNECTION INFO: No connection to Hyperion:

start hyperiond and the x11 grabber connects:

PROTOCONNECTION INFO: Connected to Hyperion:

//i’m not sure about the set Display part, but it works in my case.

While moving, i realized, there’s no vcgencmd anymore, so my screensaver doesn’t work anymore. After 2 Days of researching i found the ToggleDPMS() builtin function.

change line 35 & 43 of the

35:os.system('vcgencmd display_power 0')
43:os.system('vcgencmd display_power 1')



doesnt work, line 43 won’t be executed, so no DPMS restore happens and i have to send a ToggleDPMS() manually…. Shell: kodi-send –action=”ToggleDPMS()” manually….

——————–XX WORk XX —————

… suspend:
grep . /sys/bus/usb/devices/*/power/wakeup


echo disabled |tee /sys/bus/usb/devices/*/power/wakeup
disables all wakeup caps from USB
echo enabled > /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-
enables just MY wireless Keyboard, to wakeup my System
add part and use suspend… but filesharing is offline too….

echo disabled |tee /sys/bus/usb/devices/*/power/wakeup 2>&1
echo enabled > /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-

KODI Debug Script

Simple script to toggle debug mode in KODI and tail the logfile. Exit via Interrupt (ctrl+c/^+c) executes the DebugToggle() action in KODI to terminates Debugmode.
clean() {
kodi-send --host=localhost --port=9777 --action="ToggleDebug()"
exit 1
trap 'clean' INT
kodi-send --host=localhost --port=9777 --action="ToggleDebug()"
tail -f /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log

OpenELEC (official) 8 LIRC dropped

You don’t need Lircmap.xml in your userdata or yout lirc.cfg anymore, but you need to create an other keytable via ir-keytable… have a look here
furthermore i had to change the config.txt via

mount -o remount,rw /flash && nano /flash/config.txt





and change autostart

systemctl stop eventlircd.service
ir-keytable -a /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg

where rc_maps.cfg consists of ” * * NAME” which is pointing to
“.config/rc_keymaps/NAME” which looks as follows:

# table NAME, type: NEC
0x813755 KEY_INFO
0x81370f KEY_UP #Up
0x81370b KEY_DOWN #Down
0x813728 KEY_RIGHT #right
0x813727 KEY_LEFT #left
0x81370a KEY_PLAY #play_pause
0x813759 KEY_MENU #menu


everything else, linke longpress feature works as in the old days with lircd. [SOURCE]

KODI 16 longpress feature

Got it! (Longpress only works within the keyboard section of keymaps.xml)

  • Apple A1156 Remote
  • removed eventlirc

OE7.0.0.0 Linux 4.4.2 Kodi 16.0 Feb 26 2016

systemctl stop system-lircd.slice
 wait 100
 systemctl stop eventlircd.service
 /usr/sbin/lircd --uinput --driver=default --device=/dev/lirc0 --output=/run/lirc/lircd --pidfile=/run/lirc/ /storage/.config/lircd.conf


# this config file was automatically generated
 # using lirc-0.8.1(iguanaIR) on Fri Mar 30 19:20:40 2007
 # contributed by Matthias Urlichs <matthias|>
 # brand: Apple
 # model no. of remote control: A1156
 # devices being controlled by this remote: new (late 2006) MacBook
 # This config files are for non-Apple receivers only.
 # Use the lircd.conf.macmini file when you are using the Apple receiver.

begin remote
 name Apple_A1156
 bits 8
 flags SPACE_ENC
 eps 30
 aeps 100

header 9065 4484
 one 574 1668
 zero 574 547
 ptrail 567
 repeat 9031 2242
 pre_data_bits 16
 pre_data 0x77E1
 post_data_bits 8
 post_data 0xC5
 gap 37600
 toggle_bit 0
 ignore_mask 0x80ff

begin codes
 KEY_PLAYPAUSE 0x20 # Was: play
 KEY_UP 0xD0
 KEY_RIGHT 0xE0 # Was: ffwd
 KEY_LEFT 0x10
 KEY_DOWN 0xB0 # Was: minus
 KEY_MENU 0x40 # Was: menu
 end codes

end remote



KODI:~ # tail -f .kodi/temp/kodi.log | grep -i "lirc\|onkey"
 DEBUG: CButtonTranslator::Load - no userdata Lircmap.xml found, skipping
 DEBUG: OnKey: down (0xf081) pressed, action is Down
 DEBUG: OnKey: down (0xf081) pressed, action is Down
 DEBUG: OnKey: up (0xf080) pressed, action is Up
 DEBUG: OnKey: long-play_pause (0x100f0bd) pressed, action is Highlight
 DEBUG: OnKey: up (0xf080) pressed, action is Up
 DEBUG: OnKey: up (0xf080) pressed, action is Up
 DEBUG: OnKey: long-play_pause (0x100f0bd) pressed, action is Highlight


as of recent i tried using my instructable on a new LIBREELEC system but got doubled entries, so i had to remove the Lircmap.xml in my userdata directory.

KODI:~ # tail -f .kodi/temp/kodi.log | grep -i "lirc\|onkey"
 DEBUG: OnKey: down (0xf081) pressed, screen saver/dpms woken up
 DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 37660875:0000000077e1b0c5 00 KEY_DOWN Apple_A1156 (KEY_DOWN)
 DEBUG: OnKey: 167 (0xa7) pressed, action is ChapterOrBigStepBack
 DEBUG: OnKey: up (0xf080) pressed, action is VolumeUp
 DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 37661740:0000000077e1d0c5 00 KEY_UP Apple_A1156 (KEY_UP)
 DEBUG: OnKey: 166 (0xa6) pressed, action is ChapterOrBigStepForward
 DEBUG: OnKey: down (0xf081) pressed, action is VolumeDown
 DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 37663025:0000000077e1b0c5 00 KEY_DOWN Apple_A1156 (KEY_DOWN)
 DEBUG: OnKey: 167 (0xa7) pressed, action is ChapterOrBigStepBack
 DEBUG: OnKey: down (0xf081) pressed, action is VolumeDown


when recording a new remote with irrecord, you have to delete the second coloum with Hex-Digit (likely 0x0 or 0x1)

      begin codes
          KEY_PAUSE                0x04000400000030 0x00000000000000
          KEY_1                    0x04000400000001 0x00000000000001
          KEY_2                    0x04000400000002 0x00000000000001
          KEY_3                    0x04000400000003 0x00000000000001
          KEY_4                    0x04000400000004 0x00000000000001
          KEY_5                    0x04000400000005 0x00000000000001
      end codes


Set your Monitor to Standby

Hi there,
wanted to have a Kodi Screensaver, that set’s your Monitor or Screen into Standby via Timer?
There you go:
Github Dlinny

  • copy the zip to your Kodi Media Center (OpenElec, Raspbian or Xbian …)
  • Install the Script via Addon Manager
  • ssh into KODI
  • do:
    nano ~/.kodi/addons/script.screensaver.xbian-hdmi-off-master/
  • delete line 44 & change line 35 & 43
     --35:os.system('tvservice -o')
     ++35: os.system('vcgencmd display_power 0')
     --43:os.system('tvservice -p')
     ++43:os.system('vcgencmd display_power 1')
  • Activate Addon in Kodi

rpi Ambilight w. Arduino Uno & TM1829



Ambilight Clone with hyperion over Arduino Uno (Adalight) and TM1829 LED

to do:

  • Color Edit
  • color fix integrated in neobob.cpp line474:
    //(b == 0xFF) b = 0xFE;//

Install hyperion

wget -N

Start hyperion:

sh /storage/hyperion/bin/ /storage/.config/hyperion.config.json 0/dev/null 2>&1 &

hyperion debug:

sh /storage/hyperion/bin/ /storage/.config/hyperion.config.json

get neobob library from GITHUB:


Adafruit_NeoPixel.h to neobob.h
Adafruit_NeoPixel.cpp to neobob.cpp


for Prefix Calc:
Boblight Config Maker 

for the rest:
Hyperion Config Tool

neohyp.ino (15x TM182 a 3RGB LEDs=45Channels)



Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-30 um 03.02.18

—— edit 2017 ——

after fiddelling around after nearly a year ago reveals my flaws:

for correct colormode, i had to change “NEO_GRB” in line 58 of neobob.ino to “NEO_RGB”

further in neobob.cpp deactivate line 495 with “// comments //” activate line 496