OSX & Samba… hate-it! but…

there’s a little workaround…

The Situation: all my music is stored on a Openelec Mediasystem and when i want to edit the ID3Tag or copy to my Phone, i always have to use the samba share on OE… it always would take “hours” to navigate through directory, ’cause every folder takes like 5mins to load, except now, you rather expect what is inside.

i started organizing my music though iTunes, meaning ./Artist/Album/[Number] [NAME].mp3

so, i press “apple+shift+g” to navigate to a folder and when inside the musicfolder, enter the artistname, and then the folder appears; the best, it’s case insensitive…. following inside the artistfolder “apple+shift+g” to navigate to the album, or the “Unknown Album” folder and so on. it forces finder to reload the content, meaning looking for a file is possible too; just “go-to folder” “01” and finder will be forced to load the contend.


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