SPf3EVO & HC05

I managed to get the HC05 Bluetooth Module (on a ZS-040 Adapterboard) working on my  Seriously Pro Racing F3 Evolution flight Controller.

i had to pull PIN34 on the HC05 to HIGH to get into “Full AT+Mode” change the UART Baudrate to 115200 via


Then connect

(HC05) RXD-T1 (SPf3 UART1)
(HC05) TXD-R1 (SPf3 UART1)
(HC05) VCC-5V (SPf3 5V RAIL)

finally go into Cleanflight, Port tab and activate MSP on Port1 with 115200

Full AT+COMMAND List for HC05

[Sources: http://blog.dronetrest.com & http://www.martyncurrey.com]


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