Set your Monitor to Standby

Hi there,
wanted to have a Kodi Screensaver, that set’s your Monitor or Screen into Standby via Timer?
There you go:
Github Dlinny

  • copy the zip to your Kodi Media Center (OpenElec, Raspbian or Xbian …)
  • Install the Script via Addon Manager
  • ssh into KODI
  • do:
    nano ~/.kodi/addons/script.screensaver.xbian-hdmi-off-master/
  • delete line 44 & change line 35 & 43
     --35:os.system('tvservice -o')
     ++35: os.system('vcgencmd display_power 0')
     --43:os.system('tvservice -p')
     ++43:os.system('vcgencmd display_power 1')
  • Activate Addon in Kodi